Tips On How To Get The Best Boxing Day Haul

Major deals ahead.

December 26th is a time when some people try to get over their turkey hangovers by binge-watching holiday movies. But, savvy shoppers know that December 26th, aka Boxing Day, is when there are some major bargains to be scored. Boxing Day is basically Black Friday 2.0. If you shop the sales right, you can end up with a haul that’s as good as your Christmas one. To help you make the most of your Boxing Day sales, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you shop smart. Happy shopping!

1. Make it a team effort

If you normally prefer to shop solo, shopping with a group on Boxing Day can be advantageous, especially when you have a divide and conquer strategy. If there are multiple door crashers you’re after, you can have each person go after a different one. Shopping in a group is also handy if there are restrictions on items. If you want extras, your friend can pick them up for you.

2. Use Ebates

You can get even more from shopping with Ebates. If you haven’t signed up, register for an account. It’s free! You can skip the crowds and shop online with them and earn cash back on every single purchase. At the end of your earning period, you get a percentage back of what you paid. What’s more, you can also get incentives (read: even more deals) at different merchants.

3. Choose your time wisely

If you’re going for the door crashers, you’re probably going to have to set your alarm for early in the morning if you want to make sure you get ‘em. If you just want to see what’s on sale and don’t have anything in particular you want, it’s better to go later in the day. The crazy morning crowds will have died down, but there will still be plenty of good stuff to pick from. Trust us.

4. Avoid parking

You probably want the convenience of a car so you can throw your massive haul in the trunk, but a car can actually be a major annoyance on Boxing Day. You have to fight all of those angry post-holiday drivers for that last parking spot. Take public transportation or have someone drop you off and pick you up to avoid the parking lot hassle.

5. Know your zones

Stores normally try to grab our attention by putting the best Boxing Day deals at the very front of the store. Make sure you get a good look at those, but don’t forget about the rest of the store. There could be bins or discounted racks scattered throughout. And don’t forget the sale section. There could be further markdowns on merchandise there.

6. Look out for Boxing Week deals

As with almost every other holiday, Boxing Day has been expanded to Boxing Week for a number of different places. Try to find out what the deals are at your favorite stores beforehand, or at the very least when they’re going to be. Ask sales staff or check online. If you start checking on December 24 and 25, you might even be able to snag some bargains early.

7. Shop online

Did you have your fill of crowds and shopping while buying presents? You can avoid the masses altogether by doing your Boxing Day shopping online. A lot of stores have online exclusive deals so even if you want to hit the actual shops, still have a scroll through what’s happening online.

8.  Consider refund policies

As much as we love making new purchases, we’re all too familiar with a little thing called buyer’s remorse. And there’s nothing worse than buyer’s remorse when you cannot return an item. Sigh. Before you hand over the cash, find out for sure whether your Boxing Day purchases are final sale.