A YouTube Celeb's 6 Tips for Curly Hair

Give your curls a chance!

Having curly hair can be difficult. You can spend an hour of your life each week straightening it—or you can learn to embrace your curls, like Camille Johnson of The OffbeatLook. Camille is a YouTube celeb who creates beauty, fashion, hair, and lifestyle videos. Camille dropped by Influenster HQ to share her six tips for styling curly hair. We'll reveal three of her tips below, but for all her tips, check out the video above!

Step 1: Co-washing. Skip the shampoo and head straight for the conditioner. Try a conditioner with cleansing properties, like one from Pureology.

Try: Pureology Smooth Perfection Cleansing Conditioner

Step 3: Moisturize. Camille uses deep conditioning masks and hot oil treatments to moisturize her hair from the inside out. She begins with a sunflower oil to penetrate the strands and condition them from the inside. Then she tops her hair off with grapeseed oil to coat her strands and condition from the outside. Camille said she gets hers from Trader Joe's!

Try: Spectrum Naturals Organic Sunflower Oil

Try: NOW Foods Solutions Grapeseed Oil


Step 4: Tame baby hairs. Your curls can run wild, but your baby hairs need a little attention too. Camille suggests using a gel to kindly put them in place.

Try: Nexxus Exxtra Gel Superior Hold Sculpting Gel


What are your tips for curly hair? Tell us in the comments below and share the video with another curly girl!