Bike Commuting 101

I recently started biking to work, and let me tell you, gone are mornings of sweating on subway platforms or walking through oven-like heat to reach my office. Biking is easy and fun, even in New York City! You just have to be alert, safe, and aware of your surroundings— and of course, pack all of the necessities to be a biking superstar.

Safety First: Know your route and the biking laws in your city to feel comfortable on the road. Once you have that down, get a super cute helmet to protect your noggin and cycle in style.

Bell Sports Women's Helmet, $26.99 at Target

Pack Well: If you decide to bike to work, you want to make sure that you can fit all of your daily necessities comfortably and securely either on your back or on your bike. A trendy leather backpack that fits your laptop is a great option as is a simple bicycle basket.

David King & Co. Oversize Laptop Backpack, $119.99, Walmart

Mobo Easy Tote Basket, $39.99 at Drugstore

Hydration is Key: One of the worst things about biking in the summer is the heat. That is why I never leave my apartment without a full water bottle, which I take sips from at red lights throughout my commute. Reusable water bottles are also sustainable because they reduce waste. Win-win!

S'Well Satin Insulated Water Bottle, $35.00 at Nordstrom

Bike Accessories: Yes, your bike needs accessories too! Lights and bells are not just flair—they keep you visible and audible on the open road. And having a bike lock prevents your bike and bike parts from being stolen. Keep your wheels and frame where you left 'em with this nifty lock.

Wordlock Black 4 Wheel Cable Bike Lock, $12.99 at Kmart

Beat the Heat: Biking in the summer means tons of sun exposure, so you should keep sunscreen and sunglasses close at hand. Summer sunshine also means things can get pretty sweaty. Check out some of our favorite summer-proof makeup and deodorant options. If you can’t shower when you reach work, pro bikers say baby wipes are the next best thing! Weird tip, we know,  but it's oh-so-necessary. While you're at it, here are other nifty ways to stay cool.

Parent's Choice Fresh Scent Flip-Top Baby Wipes, $4.97 at Walmart

Be comfortable: Wear comfortable clothes while biking (hint: no mini-skirts!) and pack your fancier work clothes. There’s nothing worse than sweat stains on a silk top or accidentally kicking off a sandal (trust me, it’s happened to me more than once). Converse are lightweight and collapsible, which makes them perfect for your daily commute.

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic Colors Sneaker, $55.00 at JCPenney

Have fun: Biking is a great and easy way to get to know a new city, exercise, sleep later because of a quicker commute, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Have you biked to work before? What are some of your tips and tricks?

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