Celebrating Passover? Here’s Three Must-Haves for Your Seder

Maya L.
ByMaya L.

Family, great food, tradition, singing, hoping for a better year ahead – these all make up the Passover Seder – a generous meal accompanied by the reading of the Haggadah at the eve of Passover.


Whether you’re lucky enough to be with family this year or will be dialing in via a video call, there are some things you can do to get into the spirit of Passover, or as the Israelis call it "Pessah."


Traditionally, a Seder Plate will be placed in the middle of the table and contain “7 blessings”, with each small portion of food or drink representing a blessing for the coming year. As you break off a piece of the Matzo during the blessing, you cover the remainder in a piece of cloth and hide it, this is called “Afikoman”. More on that later!

Nothing symbolizes Passover quite like the Matzo. That crunchy square filled with tiny holes is used to make special meals all throughout the holiday – Matzo ball soup, Matzo cake, Matzo pizza and my all-time favourite, the Matzo Brei – scrambled eggs with a twist.

To prepare, heat a bit of oil over a medium heat in a non-stick pan or wok. In a bowl, whisk eggs, salt and a bit of water. Add pieces of matzo and ½ cup of grated cheese (I recommend cheddar or edam!). Add the batter to the pan and scramble or press down to tighten. Cook for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!


Remember that piece of Matzo we hid earlier? Now is the time to look for it! Loved by kids but appropriate for everyone, the Matzo scavenger hunt takes place at the end of the Seder. The goal – to find that piece of matzo hidden by a family member. The prize – the beloved chocolate coins!


Passover is a symbol of freedom, spring, rejuvenation, returning to the homeland and being with family. May we break free of lockdown, enjoy spring, rejuvenate and be with our families!


Want some passover-friendly dessert ideas? We gotchu!


Happy Passover and Easter everyone! What are you doing to celebrate?

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