This Month in Movies: Gone Girl, The Judge, and More...

This Month in Movies: Gone Girl, The Judge, and More...

October's releases are all about edge-of-your-seat thrillers and whodunits (plus, one of your favorite books is now on the big screen!). Check out our picks below!

1. Gone Girl (October 3rd)

Based off the bestselling Gillian Flynn novel, Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne -- a man who suddenly sees the spotlight turned on him when his wife's (played by Rosamund Pike) disappearance becomes the focus of a media frenzy.

2. The Good Lie (October 3rd)

Reese Witherspoon stars as employment agency counselor Carrie Davis, who changes the lives of Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in Kansas.

3. Kill the Messenger (October 10th)

Journalist Gary Kemp, played by Jerry Renner, becomes the target of a smear campaign when he uncovers the CIA's role in importing cocaine to California and arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua. 

4. Horns (October 13th)

Daniel Radcliffe grows horns. Need we say more?

5. The Judge (October 10th)

Big-time city lawyer Hank Palmer, played by Robert Downey Jr., must return to his hometown to defend his father (played by Robert Duvall) -- the town's judge -- who has been accused of murder. 

6. Fury (October 17th)

Set in April of 1945, a Sherman tank and her five-man crew are led by Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) on a deadly mission behind enemy lines, i.e. the heart of Nazi Germany.

7. Nightcrawler (October 31st)

Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), an ambitious young man desperate for a job, stumbles upon the world of freelance crime journalism. 

What are you excited to see this month? Let us know in the comments!