Everything You Really Need to Know About Foot Peels

Foot peel 101

By now, you have probably heard someone sing the praises of a foot peel. You’ve also probably come across the before and after results of a peel during a routine Instagram scroll. You may not have been searching for them, but the pics always seem to pop up on everybody’s feeds. (Raises hand...)

Even if you’re a person who doesn’t like looking (or even thinking) about feet, you are probably at least intrigued by foot peels. Let's be real, there's a lot of appeal: Not only is there none of that awkward scrubbing you have to do with foot brushes, but peels can be done while you’re chilling in front of Netflix. If you’re debating about pampering your toes with a foot peel, here are the things you need to know.

1. It shouldn’t hurt.

If you’ve ever gotten a professional facial chemical peel from a derm, you will know that they aren’t exactly up there with massages in terms of how relaxing they are. In reality, peels can leave your complexion feeling a little sore and inflamed. You might think that a foot peel would be similar, but it actually shouldn’t sting or burn. If it does, you could be having a reaction. In that case, you need to rinse the product off and potentially go see your doc.

2. Start with clean, dry feet.

Irish Spring

The goal of the peel is not to remove dirt. Therefore, you should wash your feet with a gentle soap before your peel and make sure that they’re completely dry before you slip your feet into the peel’s plastic booties.

3. Protect your carpet and floors.

Bath & Body Works Shea Socks

Your carpet and floor aren’t going to start peeling like your feet, but no one likes a mess to clean up. So, make sure you put some towels down. Some peels suggest wearing socks to help with the absorption, but you might not have a pair big enough that fits over the bulky booties. In that case, try a pair of slippers or try wrapping your feet in plastic wrap for better absorbency.

4.  Think about the logistics.

Laying those old towels down is great, but they’re not going to help you much if you need to go up the stairs to the bathroom to wash off the product. Think ahead and decide whether you want to put a bucket where you are or whether you want to do the treatment in the bathroom.

5. Follow the instructions.

It might sound obvious, but it needs to be done. You might want to leave the treatment on a few minutes longer because you think your tootsies are really in need of some help. But don’t do it. Follow the time allotted on the instructions and trust the peel.

6. You need to be patient.

We’re all used to instant gratification, but foot peels don’t give you that. It can take five to seven days—and sometimes even longer—for the peeling to start happening. Yes, you will wonder if you did something wrong, and you will wonder if you bought a defective peel. Chill and put your faith in time.

7. Moisturizing can ruin the effects of your peel.

Burt's Bees Foot Cream

If you’re religious about putting foot cream on your tootsies before you hit the hay, this is one time you need to lay off. It doesn’t matter if your feet are dry. That dead skin is going to flake off so the effects are really only temporary. Now, once all of the skin flakes are gone, you’re free to apply all the foot cream you want.

8. Yep, you will make a mess.

Sorry to people who are grossed out by feet, but that is what the peel is supposed to do. The dead skin cells could come off in large sheets or they could flake off in chunks. Or they could come off in a combination of the two. Get the vacuum ready or wear socks.

9. Resist the urge to pick your feet.

We know it can be difficult when your feet are peeling like mad. It’s as tempting to pick them as it is to pop a zit. (And we know how strong that urge is!) Slip on some socks and keep your hands off. The dead skin will come off on its own.

10. Your feet might be a bit tender afterward.

If your feet just shed like a snake, they’re probably going to feel a bit sensitive because you don’t have those calluses. Be mindful of walking on any rough terrain barefoot and consider your shoe choices wisely. It might not be the ideal time to break out the heels!

Comment below with the products you use to pamper your feet!