Time to Ditch Your Washcloth

A washcloth is like a little black dress. It’s a classic thing that you will always have, but it isn’t your only option. There are other bath and body tools that'll give you a squeaky clean feeling and buff away dead skin cells while making bath time feel like a whole new experience. 

Eco Tools Sustainable Body Buff ($1.99)

Eco Tools Sustainable

What could be more appropriate than using a buff on your body while you’re in the buff? The reversible mitt allows you to cleanse and exfoliate with one tool. Influensters give it a thumbs up for versatility.

Dove Active Clean Shower Tool ($3.99)

dove active clean shower tool

This tool is all about taking your cleansing routine to the max. The mesh sides create a frothy lather while the top gives you a good scrub without being too abrasive. You can say goodbye to all of those dead skin cells.

Swissco Loofah and Terry Bath Mitt with Soap Pouch ($2)

swissco loofah

This might look different than the fluffy loofahs you’re probably used to but don’t let that put you off. It can produce bubbles just like the best of them. It also has a handy soap pouch. How clever is that?

Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush ($3.39)

natural bristle body brush

Bristle brushes aren’t just for your hair. They’re great for increasing circulation on your body. Influensters are partial to this one for the way it removes dry, flaky skin.

Body Benefits Loofah Bath Brush ($5.12)

body benefits loofah

You will be able to reach all of those awkward spots (read: your back) thanks to this loofah bath brush with long handle. Influensters love the actual loofah for the way it effectively buffs skin as much as they love the convenient handle.

Buf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge ($4.99)

buf-puf double-sided body sponge

A double-sided sponge is better than a single-sided one. This body product proves that. Use the softer side on sensitive areas then flip it over to tackle rougher patches on your elbows and knees. Influensters like to use it head to toe for super soft skin.

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Body Sponge ($5.09)

earth therapeutics exfoliating

This isn’t like your usual beauty sponges. This one is about exfoliating instead of applying foundation and it’s gentle enough for everyday use. Plus, it helps your body washes last longer because it creates such a frothy lather.

Do you use any of these body tools? Tell us in the comments below!