The Most Popular YouTube Beauty Trends in Australia

Bold, colorful, and eye-focused

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

When looking for new makeup ideas or application techniques, many people turn to YouTube for its wide range of tutorials and beauty bloggers. But what are the top trends you should master this season? From Brisbane to Perth, the team at RY looked at YouTube search data from across the whole of Australia (and the world) to discover the most popular beauty trends. They discovered it's all about the eyes. Eyeliner tutorials are the biggest trend of the past year with five of the top ten most searched tutorials related to eye makeup.

Top YouTube Beauty Trends in Australia from RY

Top Beauty Trends on YouTube

1 – Winged Eyeliner (#1 in Australia, #3 in the US, and #1 Globally) 

Just like the rest of the world, Winged Eyeliner Tutorials are the most searched by Australians on Youtube. Aussie superstar celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Isla Fisher have been spotted with this style of eyeliner. See what our Influenster community is saying about winged eyeliner here

Winged eyeliner

Photo by Giniva P.

2 – Cut Crease (#2 in Australia, #10 in the US, and #9 Globally)  

Tied for first place in the Australian rankings is the cut crease tutorial. It would appear that finding out how to master the cut crease is more important in Australia than across the globe, as globally it only ranked ninth compared to being top of the pile down under. 

Cut crease eye makeup by Alis S.

Photo by Alis S. 

3 – Messy Bun (#3 in Australia, #5 in the US, and #4 Globally) 

The messy bun is third in the rankings. Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett, one of Australia’s finest actors, has been seen rocking a messy bun on red carpets. 

Messy Bun by Andreea S.

Photo by Andreea S. 

4 – 80s Makeup (#4 in Australia and the US, #5 Globally) 

Everything comes back around in fashion, and four decades later 80’s style makeup is back. Despite being a very broad-sounding style incorporating a whole decade of looks, 80s style makeup is generally characterized by bright bold colours around the eyes and lips. 

Colorful makeup by Sandra V.

Photo by Sandra V

5 – Mascara Tutorial (#5 in Australia, #6 in the US and Globally) 

How do you best apply mascara to achieve your desired effect? There are lots of tips out there to help you figure out the best application for definition, lengthening, volume, or incorporating falsies. Personally, I start at the base and "wiggle" the brush up through my lashes to get clean separation and avoid clumps. Looking for a clean mascara? We've got you. 

Mascara by Madison S.

Photo by Madison S. 

6 – Box Braids Tutorial (#6 in Australia, #1 in the US, and #2 Globally) 

The most popular hairstyling tutorial on YouTube in the past year was for box braids. Box braids are a hairstyle known for protecting the hair and being low maintenance for the six to eight weeks they tend to last. They get their name from the square-shaped hair divisions. Originating in Africa, box braids have become an increasingly popular style globally sparking discussions around cultural appropriation and authenticity. You can read more about the rich history of braids on Amplify Africa

Box braids by Lynese S.

Photo by Lynese S.

7 – Rainbow Eyeshadow Tutorial (#7 in Australia, #9 in the US, and #10 Globally) 

Bold color continues to resonate in eyeshadow looks, whether you're emulating Euphoria styles or y2K throwbacks. Make the rainbow your palette year-round and check out our PRIDE-inspired gallery for inspo. 

Rainbow eyeshadow by Shannon B.

Photo by Shannon B.

8 – Bratz Doll Makeup Tutorial (#8 in Australia, #2 in the US, and #3 Globally) 

Bratz dolls are characterized by having almond-shaped eyes and big glossy lips, and this is part of the style that people are trying to replicate. This trend ties with searches for "gel eyeliner" and "cat eyeliner" tutorials emphasizing the bold and colorful looks popular right now. 

Bratz Doll makeup by Sabrina L.

Photo by Sabrina L.

Which of these trends are you trying right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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