Can the Makeup Bullet Make Foundation Application Even Easier?

If our collection is any indication, blender sponges are a beauty bag staple. Used simply to apply foundation or concealer, these sponges are an essential component of our daily makeup routine thanks to their ability to reach every corner and crevice.

But, if you haven’t already heard, the Makeup Bullet is stepping up to the beauty sponge plate.

After trying this product out, we loved that the bullet, like other sponge applicators, blends foundation or concealer onto the face. But what impressed us even more was that these blenders go onto your finger (like a puppet would) for a more efficient makeup application. Think about the control you have now when blending! And when applying concealer, the petite size really made it easy to get into the crease of the eye to blend. This sponge is great for patting product into the face for a flawless finish.

Other sponges are pretty expensive, going for around $20 for one sponge, but the Makeup Bullet is an affordable alternative. You can get $24.99 for three bullets!

Pick up your Makeup Bullet today to speed up your cosmetic routine for an even more flawless look! 

Have you tried the Makeup Bullet? Let us know!