The Essentials: At-Home Manicure

If you're on a student budget like me, getting a weekly manicure just is not really what your bank account will allow. As an alternative, find a way to replicate the salon results in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can tip yourself with a glass of wine for all your hard work instead!

Step One: The Prep

Taking care of your nails is the first step in a successful at-home manicure, with special attention to your nail beds and cuticles. This set of nail care essentials from Tweezerman works wonders for a beginner manicurist, and won't hit your wallet too hard. Use the trimmer to eliminate any sloppiness around the nail to start, before taking advantage of the cuticle pusher. The nail file is just the right size for you to control to prevent any slips or cringe-worthy rubs against your skin. 

Step Two: Base Coat

If you have fragile nails or are prone to biting, a base coat like Essie's Grow Stronger is a necessary part of your at-home manicure. It strengthens your nails before you apply the polish and helps prevent the yellow tinge nails are prone to after many coats. Plus, anything to help secure your manicure and stop your nails from breaking is always an advantage. 

Step Three: The Polish

Any shade of Essie polish is the perfect choice for color. There are so many options that it is impossible to keep track of them all, but each is just as high quality as the other. For example, Essie's Raisinnuts is a great shade for fall as it is just dark enough to move away from the summer colors and not quite winter-y enough to be worn during gloomy January. 

Step Four: The Top Coat

If you want your at-home manicure to last longer than a few days, Sally Hansen's Dries Instantly Top Coat is an absolute must. Not only does it seal in color, but, as the name implies, it helps expedite the finishing process. Top coat adds an extra level of protection that is essential to preserve an amateur manicure. 

Step Five: Moisturize

Just like they do at the salon, treat yourself to a soothing hand massage using Eos Hand Lotion. If you're familiar with Eos Lip Balm, then you will love their version of hand lotion, which provides the same moisture and protection for your hands as it does for your lips.

How do you accomplish the perfect at-home manicure? Let us know in the comments below!

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