The Best-Tasting Bottled Waters

H20 for on the go.

Whether you're on the go, fresh for a workout, or just trying to up your daily water intake, here are the best tasting bottled waters to reach for, according to Influenster members. 

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji tends to be known as “fancy” bottled water because it is the top choice of several hotels and chefs. The fresh and clean taste of the water paired with the easy-to-use sports cap makes it perfect for hiking, traveling, or everyday hydration. 

Deer Park Natural Spring Water

“Deer Park is the best-tasting spring water!” Our members not only love the taste of Deer Park, but this bottled water is affordable and easy to find in most grocery stores. Deer Park contains naturally occurring minerals that give the water a crisp, clean taste.

Glaceau Smart Water

This go-to water includes electrolytes that help with recovery after a workout or hot day. It also gives the water a smooth taste. The packaging and cap are convenient for travel, an outdoor walk, or during your morning commute. 

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

Pure, clean, and refreshing—Pure Life undergoes a multi-step purification process and is enhanced with a unique balance of minerals for a smooth, clean taste. Pure Life ranks #4 among our members and is a common household bottled water. 

Core Hydration

Core Hydration is a favorite among those with an active lifestyle and those seeking more water intake in their daily lives. The abundance of minerals, electrolytes, and added nutrients give the water a clean taste and a smooth finish.

Which bottled water is your favorite?