The Best Store-bought Marinades and Spices of 2022

Tender meat, savory veggies, and perfectly-spiced fish are just one bottle away.

Alison D.
ByAlison D.

A marinade is an easy way to transform your food—taking the average bite from 'it's good' to 'YES!' Discover the best ways to put a twist on your favorite entrees—check out our marinade and seasoning roundup below. 

We love the Paradise Pineapple Teriyaki marinade for cuts of meat like hanger steak. The juices tenderize and flavor each bite with a tropical taste balanced by savory soy. You can also pour the sauce over noodles, tofu, or rice to create a filling meal. 
KONA COAST Teriyaki Paradise Pineapple

Goya Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning is a great go-to when you're short on time or aren't too familiar with seasonings. This simple and flavorful blend is easy to use. Just shake on foods like mahi-mahi and cod before preparing for a tasty upgrade. 
Goya® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning With Lemon And Pepper

Pork pairs well with robust flavors, making it the perfect companion for this Zesty Herb Marinade. Made with basil, garlic, onion, and jalapeno peppers, this marinade livens up the flavor of pork chops or ribs while tenderizing their tough texture. 
McCormick Grill Mates Zesty Herb Marinade

Frank's RedHot Seasoning is a household name, created with their signature blend of spices to add a flavorful kick to almost anything. This easy-to-use seasoning can help you make dishes like roasted chickpeas, spicy hummus, mouthwatering burgers, and elevates classics like chicken. 
Frank's RedHot Original Seasoning

It's all about bold, southern flavor with the Smoky Mesquite Marinade-in-a-Bag. An incredible choice for both chicken and steak, it replicates the taste of slow smoking in a fraction of the time and effort. Place your meat in the bag, wait, and cook away, knowing the tasty flavor that awaits.
J.L. Kraft Marinades Smoky Mesquite Marinade-in-a-Bag Liquid Marinade


Which marinade or seasonings are you using this grilling season? Share below!