Tech News: The Best Instagram Photo Apps for Pictures!

Confession time: We're a bit addicted to Instagram. We're constantly liking so many great photos that sometimes it feels a bit extreme. And we admit, we spend hours scrolling through our fave blogger and photographer's feeds. 

Ever wanted your photos to look high quality like your fave beauty blogger's? Well, enter photo editing apps. Third-party apps for creating and editing photos and video usually offer more tools and precision, which, in turn, can bring in more likes. So you might be wondering about the best tools to edit your photos, here are a few of the best Instagram photo apps. 


Well of course we had to brag about our own app! The Influenster app allows you to add filters and stickers to your photos making them Instagram worthy. (Look it’s me!)

influenster app photo tool


For powerful editing: Snapseed

This app allows you to make minor tweaks so the photo still looks natural.



There are two things we love about VSCO Cam: flexibility and filters. This camera is so flexible that you can customize the exposure by double-tapping the screen. If the photo is too dark, VSCO lets you lighten images without reducing the focus.


For adding texts to photos: Overgram

This app lets you add beautiful text to your photos. You have a range of font selection to create an image that will truly stand out on Instagram. Use this app to add your favorite quote or caption to a photo.


For collages: PicStitch and Layout 

Instagram has a lovely collage app called Layout (iOS and Android) that helps you create different photo layouts. But a third-party app that lets you get the job done is PicStitch.


TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator gives a “miniature” effect to your photos, which works especially well on landscapes. 



What's your favorite app to edit your photos?! Let us know in the comments below! 

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