The Best Grill Accessories for Summer

Everything you need to help you sear and sizzle this season

Alison D.
ByAlison D.

Listen. Do you hear the sizzling? Grilling season is officially back, and we can't wait to fire things up. Whether you love a grilled steak or a tasty veggie kabob, these accessories are ready to help you cook up the perfect summertime eats! 

Mediterranean night is easy with the Barbecue Skewers from Blue Rhino. Arrange your favorite meats and veggies to create delicious kabobs with little effort. The skewers have a chrome-plated steel design for quick and easy clean-up and are reusable.
Blue Rhino 15 inch Barbecue Skewers

Transform your grill into a smoker with the Smoker Box from Napoleon. The user-friendly, vented design harnesses the taste of your favorite wood chips and directs the smoke towards chicken, ribs, and other meats to add a savory, smoldering flavor. 
Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Cook veggies, fish, and other delicate foods to perfection with the Grill Basket from Jim Beam. The grill grate locks to allow easy flipping and even heat distribution while preventing smaller pieces from falling into the fire. The extra-long handle gives you an extended reach as you prepare a variety of foods with a tender inside and a crispy, charred finish. 
Jim Beam 6 Piece Grill Basket Kit

Infusing your favorite fishes and meats with cedar's unique, sweet flavor is easy with TrueFire Gourmet Grilling Planks. The planks keep your food moist and flavorful, with simple instructions branded right on the surface for effortless execution. 
TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Planks

The Meat Thermometer from Thermopro helps you monitor your food's temperature without hovering over the grill. It includes USDA-recommended temperature settings and a hassle-free setup for precise readings—so you can focus on your guests.
Thermopro Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer With Dual Probe

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