The Best Financial Planning Apps

There are better ways to manage your spending than pinching pennies.

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

In this climate of crazy inflation (I’m looking at you, gas), it’s harder than ever to budget for rent, food, and fun. Luckily, some apps can help you manage your finances! So stop digging between the couch cushions and read on—you could be a download away from financial soundness.


Mint Budget Planner tracks your bills, accounts and spending and helps you find opportunities to save. And no, paying in cash is not a workaround for going over your daily budget.


Digit takes into account your saving and investing goals to help guide where your money goes. Sometimes, we need an app to help us decide between brunch and our 401k. This app automatically pulls money from your connected account into your savings so you don't have to think about it.

Stash Invest

Do you know your shares from your bonds? Stash is the gateway app to becoming a savvy investor. It streamlines the process of investing in thousands of reputable companies with fractional shares. 


To some people, watching your spending means watching what you spent your money on be delivered to your door. And for those, we present the app Qapital. It automates transfers to your savings account and makes budgeting a breeze.

What apps do you use to help you manage your finances? Let us know in the comments!