Meet the New Gold Standard of Airbrush Makeup

It's cordless, pretty and part of the proceeds go to charity 

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

When you think of airbrush makeup, do you think of event makeup? The much-loved application method is often used by the pros for special occasions, sure. But that doesn't mean you can't airbrush at home, that is, if you're willing to make a bit of an upfront investment. 


The TEMPTU Air is the first cordless airbrush applicator of its kind and this special edition 24K gold-plated model is retailing for $235 exclusively on And while this might seem like a hefty price to pay, just one set of really nice brushes or a professional makeup session could cost close to the same amount. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds of each sale will be benefitting the Food Bank For New York City, the city’s largest hunger-relief organization


With The TEMPTU Air and its makeup pods, you'll receive a luminous, soft-focus finish

and customizable coverage. You can use the three-speed air flow and SoftTouch control to adjust the amount of makeup you want; choose between options like sheer, medium or full coverage, spot conceal, highlight or contour. And its precision application works as the ultimate “magic eraser” for fine lines, pores, blemishes and discoloration.


Feeling tempted? Tanya Deemer, Global Makeup Artist and Educator, shares what makes this beauty tool a true gold standard makeup applicator and ways it can benefit us in these times when overall hygiene is so important. Plus get some tips for how to use this pro tool at home.



Are there any expert tips for using the TEMPTU at home on yourself?

The most valuable tip I can share is to always remember that airbrush makeup must be applied in light layers to build the desired coverage. Without using this application process, the makeup just won’t perform the way it is designed to, which is seamless, natural-looking and long-wearing.


How does airbrushing improve application or wearability of makeup?

Since airbrush makeup is applied to the skin in the form of overlapping, micro fine “pixels”, it will result in extremely long wear and the most high-definition finish on the market. Essentially, it sits on top of the skin, instead of being pushed into the pores by the use of any other tool that physically touches the skin. Additionally, TEMPTU’s formulas are best in class because they are designed to meet the needs of professional makeup artists working in film, TV, fashion and bridal, where long-wear is a must. The formulas work in conjunction with TEMPTU’s airbrush technology to seamlessly deliver a flawless application that lasts all day. 


Are there any other benefits of airbrushing? 

In a world where sanitary and hygienic makeup applications have become the most critical part of the process, airbrush makeup has been able to deliver a significantly reduced touch application method and zero need to ever make contact with the product prior to spraying it onto the skin. The airbrush is able to replace just about every makeup brush, which means less chance for bacteria to spread. It really is the safest makeup application out there. 


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