Tea Ingredients That Are Good for Your Health

Whether you take part in tea time to relax or to savor the flavor of your favorite brew—the ingredients you choose to sip can offer major health and wellness benefits. While some true teas carry these ingredients, they can also be found in tisanes aka herbal teas.

We spoke with Amy Saekow, a herbalist and Influenster staffer (!!!) to get the lowdown on four beneficial ingredients that you can sip for better health. Plus, we partnered with Numi tea this month to give thousands of lucky Influensters the chance to sample these teas. Read on to discover more.

Drink turmeric to reduce inflammation.

If you're struggling with stomach aches, turmeric may help you ease the pain. According to our herbal expert, this bright orange spice—well-known for its bright color and use in Indian and Southeast Asian cooking—is used to aid digestion in the world of herbal remedies. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that make it perfect for soothing sipping.

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Drink ginger to combat nausea.

Ginger is another powerful plant and spice that most of us will recognize from the world of cooking. But, aside from having a lively and refreshing scent and adding major flavor to food, ginger is a highly effective motion sickness fighter. It settles the stomach and according to Amy, can be used to relieve morning sickness and dizziness. Plus, ginger has been used since ancient times to aid digestion. Even those with an iron stomach can benefit from sipping on ginger tea as it is great for circulation and overall health.

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Drink cardamom to relieve bloating.

Amy told us that cardamom is among the oldest spices in the world. Prized for its spicy, citrusy flavor, this spice when added to tea makes for a perfect post-dinner drink. Cardamom aids digestion and fights bloating. Plus, it can neutralize bad breath!


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Drink jasmine to relieve stress.

Jasmine flowers are among some of the best-smelling blooms on the planet but they have other great qualities. Jasmine can calm, soothe, and alleviate stress making it a perfect addition to your tea routine. Sip tea with jasmine in the morning to start your day on a zen note.


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Do you drink herbal teas? What are your favorite flavors?

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