Target Brings an Exclusive Fragrance Line to Stores

Target for the win. (Again.)

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

We don't have to tell you that Target is the home to some amazing finds. (K-beauty, Kristin Ess haircare, their own wine, Dylan's Candy Bar, oh my!) But the bull's eye is about to raise the bar even higher with a brand new exclusive fragrance line that's a total first.

The new Good Chemistry line is a niche fragrance line designed with four different personalities in mind. Each collection will feature its own scent lineup in a perfume, body spray, and rollerball in each respective fragrance story. As far as the collections go, there's one that encompasses just about every #mood imaginable: Confident and Charming, Good and Grounded, Vibrant and Playful, and Cool and Collected. You know, just the casual adjectives that describe you! Take a peek at the collections below.


Confident and Charming

good chemistry confident and charming
courtesy target

This collection boasts delicious floral scents of Gardenia Palm, Jasmine Rose, Vanilla Orchid, and Magnolia Violet.


Cool & Collected

good chemistry cool & collected
courtesy target

For this line, there's the crisp and earthy options of Silver Coast, Cool Glacier, Mineral Desert, and Rustic Wood.


Vibrant and Playful

good chemistry vibrant and playful
courtesy target

Now for this flirty line there's the bold and powerful Queen Bee, Wild Child, Day Dreamer, and Brainiac.


Good & Grounded

good chemistry good & grounded
courtesy target

Lastly, you get a classic floral and fruity line up with Sugar Berry, Apricot Bloom, Blue Bell, and Water Lily.

Not only are these fragrances adorably packaged, but their juices are crafted from essential oils and are totally vegan and paraben free. Oh and did we mention they're at those Target prices we know and love? Every product is under $25!

Ready to shop. Mark those cals for January 21 when these new launches drop in stores at Target and online at

Which fragrances will you be trying? Share below!

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