Target Might Just Be Your New Wine Go-To

Wine not?

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Count on one more addition to your next Target haul. Although you might only go in there for milk and a birthday card, chances are you'll leave with a new duvet, shoes, and at least seven new beauty products. And now you can leave with a bottle of inexpensive vino too. Yep, Target is adding California Roots, a brand new budget wine, to it's long list of must-shop products. 

California Roots is made from premium Cali-grown grapes for a quality sip for a fraction of the price. Yep, we're talking cheap. Each bottle is a steal at $5 a pop. And Target is offering a hearty selection for every palate. There's the whites, which include the Chardonnay with hints of tropical fruits, the Pinot Grigio with citrus and fruit vibes, and the Moscato with its tastes of peach and melon.

As for the reds, there's the Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of lush cherry and hearty oak, and the Red Blend with its blend of cherry, berries, and other spices. Target even went ahead and paired each wine with various foods, so you can snag a bottle and snack in one shopping trip.

California Roots wine
Courtesy Target

Now, Target already has various beers and wines in its grocery aisle. But at only $5 per bottle, we're guessing this new venture into budget vino will have winos lining up! You can start shopping California Roots starting September 3 at more than 1,000 Targets across the country. 

What will you be sipping on? Share you wine pick!

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