Tacos and Wine, What Could Be Better? Taco Bell and Their New Wine

Taco Bell just released their own wine and we're salivating

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Canadians have something to celebrate today. And the rest of the world has something to envy. To accompany their limited edition release of The Toasted Cheesy Chalupa, Taco Bell is also releasing their very own wine, the Jalapeño Noir for a limited time. 

"Wine and cheese are simply meant to be together, so launching a new wine to go with the craveable, cheddary Toasted Cheesy Chalupa made perfect sense," said Kat Garcia, Director of Brand Marketing. "At Taco Bell Canada, we love to raise our glass to big, bold ideas that elevate our menu items, and pairing our Toasted Cheesy Chalupa with this Jalapeño Noir is no exception." 

The Toasted Cheesy Chalupa is available now in-store and at tacobell.ca starting at $5.49. And from September 16th, lucky Ontario residents 19 years old and up will be able to purchase Jalapeño Noir for $25 CAD online or from select locations in Hamilton and Toronto via Uber Eats, while supplies last.

 (CNW Group/Taco Bell Canada)

We bet we aren't the only ones salivating over this perfect pairing. You might not be able to order a bottle of Jalapeño Noir and a Cheesy Chalupa yourself, but you can whip up your own taco night with some Taco Bell spices and iconic sauces. Or order in your Taco Bell favoirte and pair it with a bottle of red that has a bit of a kick, we're feeling a peppery Malbec blend

While there may not be a Taco Bell Wine release on the Horizon for the US just yet, the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa will also be available in the U.S. in November.

Will you be toasting to Taco Bell's latest—and possibly greatest—launch with your own glass of wine? Is this a combo you'd like to try? Sound off in the comments.