Get Ready to Nourish and Step-Up Your Hair Game

With System Professional, of course!

ByKortney K.

Leave it to the professionals—System Professional, that is. We've got three products that'll nourish and feed your hair, all in one VoxBox. And we're breaking down each and every product in this hair-loving VoxBox. Get the details below.


First up, there's Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Hair, which instantly repairs the ends of your hair while protecting from further damage. Next up, there's System Professional Alpha Energy to give you stronger hair that’s full of bounce—in just two weeks. Lastly, you've got the Instant Energy Dry Conditioner complete with the EnergyCode Complex for soft, full hair. 

For those curious, EnergyCodeComplex is a technology based on a complex of carefully balanced ingredients. Basically, your haircare is unique to your hair's energy. Think less frizz and more shine.


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