Sustainable Gift Wrapping Swaps Anyone Can Do

Try these easy alternatives to wrapping paper for more sustainable gift exchanging. 

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

All that glitters isn’t gold — actually, a lot of it is piling up in a landfill. In the US alone, wrapping paper and gift bags account for an additional four million tons of waste around the holidays.¹ Shiny things are distracting by nature, so it’s easy to forget that most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable. That sheen on gift wrap that begs you to tear into your new holiday socks likely comes from some plastic or metallic additives. But who are we to begrudge you some ribbons and bows around the holidays? Here are our tips to wrap responsibly this gift-giving season. 



Repurpose Your VoxBox

That was easy! Hang onto that branded box we send you and you have the perfect vehicle for baked goods. Forget the milk, cookies taste best with a side of sustainability. Spruce up your packaging with recycled ribbons or strings of twine.



Japanese Wrapping Cloths

One of Japan’s most significant cultural accessories doubles as an eco-friendly gift wrap. The art of furoshiki, wrapping with fabric, can turn an ordinary cloth napkin or dish towel into the main character. The tradition of wrapping precious items in cloth dates back over 1,200 years


Become a Bag Lady

That Ikea bag in the back of your closet is a perfect Hanukkah blue. Americans spend over $7 billion a year ² on single-use wrapping paper that winds up clogging landfills, this is your year to rebrand as a gift bag gal and encourage your friends to reuse them.



Snack Wrap

After you polish off a bag of potato chips, flip your bag inside out. It’s the perfect way to repurpose something that would have otherwise been trashed while also getting your shiny silver wrapping fix.


Stay Neutral

Pick up brown postal paper from a craft or office supply store. Not only is it easier on the Earth but it’s easier to wrap with. Spruce it up with fallen tree sprigs or flex your creativity and doodle something nice. 



This Could’ve Been an Email

Just send the digital gift card. Double down in goodness points and support small business owners and local restaurants! 

Americans throw away 25% more waste at the holidays than any other time of year. Being more eco-conscious doesn’t = less merry and bright, just be mindful of how much crinkly paper and glitter you’re using. Besides, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


Did we leave anything off?

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