Fun Fact: Super Mario Cereal Exists

The #TBT we never knew we needed.

ByCaitlin M.

The world of cereal has moved beyond your flakes and O's. We've got cookie-inspired cereals, donut-flavored rings, and even Unicorn-inspired bites. But the wonderful world of breakfast cereal isn't stopping there. Recently, we noticed the ultimate head scratcher in the cereal aisle: Super Mario Cereal. File that under something we never knew we needed!

Super Mario Cereal

Now, we're all for a good #TBT—we lost it when '90s favorite Oreo O's came back to our mornings—but we can honestly say we didn't know our favorite Nintendo character would get his own box of cereal. And yet here we are! Kellogg's teamed up with Nintendo to pay tribute to the gamer classic with a Mario-themed cereal complete with marshmallows in the shape of classic Super Mario icons.

super mario cereal

The cereal itself is quite simple: star-shaped oat bites with marshmallows. But it's the mallows that really grabbed our attention. There's a mushroom-shaped marshmallow (in both green and red) and a golden question mark marshmallow to pay tribute to the gaming icons we all know and love. 

Although the cereal was announced at the end of last year and is limited edition, we spotted it at Walmart and Target online, so there's still time to get your gamer on! 

What do you think of Super Mario Cereal? Is this right up your alley or are you going to stick to your classic favorite?

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