"Hot Girl Summer" is Possible With This Next VoxBox

Splash into the summer with these amazing products!

Hot Girl Summer is finally here. You know what that means: Looking your best, feeling your best, and living your best life! We want to to help by sending out these Summer Splash VoxBoxes to 10,000 of our amazing Influensters! What's inside? Here's a sneak peak.


Hyland's all in one SMILE'S PRID Homeopathic Salve is something everyone should carry in their purse, and honestly, we're mad we didn't know about it sooner! This salve has natural active ingredients that do everything you need it to: Relieves irritation including ingrown hairs, splinters, insect bites, and boils*. So all of the annoying parts of the summer will be solved with this salve!

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluate


Move over 2-in-1 products, because this Eva NYC hair combo must be magic...especially since it's called the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner! What are the 10 benefits you ask? Good question. This haircare duo promises to:

  1. Moisturize
  2. Reduce frizz
  3. Strengthen
  4. Soften
  5. Revitalize
  6. Nourish
  7. Reduce breakage
  8. Smooth
  9. Increase manageability
  10. Create a healthy look and feel



3D Mink lashes are all the rage and we're here for it. There's no better way to amp up your look than with voluminous lashes. That's where Kiss' Lash Couture Naked Drama Collection in style Tulle comes in. With lashes as dramatic as these, you won't need to wear makeup that might melt off in the summer heat anyway.



But if you choose to wear makeup anyway, don't forget your primer! wet n wild has a primer set that will keep your makeup looking fresh through the summer heat. The Photofocus 3-IN-1 Primer Water moisturizes and smooths your skin. Use it before your regular primer and after applying all your makeup for a flawless, healthy, and dewy finish. The primer water comes in rose, coconut, or cucumber.

Once you finish spritzing and before applying your makeup, prime your skin with the wet n wild Photofocus Water Drop Primer. The water formula gives you an airbrushed look all day and isn't too heavy on the skin. Like the primer water, this product also comes in rose, coconut, or cucumber.



OK, hear us out on this one—cutting out dairy can be beneficial to your diet. Since summer is usually code for cutting season, this Country Crock mailer allows you to get a plant-based butter of your choice. With your coupon, you can get a plant butter stick with avocado oil, almond oil, or olive oil or a tub of plant butter with olive oil or almond oil.


If you're not in the #SummerSplashVoxBox, don't worry! There are so many more VoxBoxes to be chosen for. Learn more about our VoxBox program and let us know your Hot Girl Summer tips in the comments below!

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