Green Juice Gummy Bears are the New Rosé Gummies

There's even a cleanse!

ByCaitlin M.

Last summer was the summer of rosé-flavored everything. From chocolate to lip balms and even gummy bears, rosé was the hot flavor. And although we're not replacing our beloved drink of choice—trust—we are calling this flavor our new go-to for all things gummy

Sugarfina just debuted a new green juice-flavored collection of gummy bears. The candy brand known for innovation (hello, champagne gummies!) actually teased Green Juice Bears last April as an April Fools joke, but apparently, so many people were interested, they decided to make it a reality! 


To get the yummiest tasting green juice flavoring around, Sugarfina teamed up with Pressed for the fat-free gummies, which contain no artificial colors or flavors and are non-GMO. And, get this—each serving contains 20 percent of your daily Vitamins C and A.

green juice gummies

Right now Sugarfina is offering the gummies in adorable juice bottles in three different sizes: large ($14), small ($6.50), and shot ($3). And, there's even a 7-day gummy bear cleanse set. It's sold out right now, but we're already adding our names to the waitlist.

What do you think, Influensters? Is green juice the new rosé? Let us know!