Style Guide: 5 Trends to Follow this Fall

Style Guide: 5 Trends to Follow this Fall

Fall is a season filled with micro-trends – tiny innovations that amount to mere flash trends, gone with the blink of an eye, and hardly worth shelling out your wallet for. So what trends are ones that are actually, completely here to say? I’m no psychic, but I have a hunch.


1. Slide-On Sneakers


Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

Yes, they’ve been around forever, but mostly in the form of practical shoes and skater aesthetics – never for the fashionista. But, finally, it seems like high-end designers have taken the hint – with Hood by Air and Adidas paving the way to futuristic fashion and hoodies actually being cool - the people have spoken, and comfort has taken the front seat. Thanks to these Prada slip-ons, we can look stylish in high-quality shoes, minus the stiletto.



2. Bomber Jackets

UO Bomber Jacket

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Let’s roll with the comfy-athlete vibe. Bomber jackets are the perfect cozy outfit finisher, or statement item, to perfect your fall look. Dress your look down like the picture below, and add an androgynous edge to the classic crop-top-skirt combo, or throw it over leggings and your workout clothes for a high school throwback to varsity jackets. The best choice for the slight wind-chill, these jackets are everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus, ranging from printed to solids, and from quilted to leather. You can’t go wrong with these timeless jackets. So, pick one up before the good ones are gone!


3. Midi-Skirts

TopShop Midi Skirt

Photo courtesy of topshop.

Why shimmy into your skinny jeans when you can wear a midi-skirt? Keep your crop-tops in the loop for a little while longer by pairing them with a midi-skirt and sneakers for a laid-back look. You can also pair your midi-skirts with pointed toe ballet flats and a cardigan to work. The skirts will keep your legs covered and warm, not to mention salvage that free-flowing, liberating feel that comes with an easy, breezy sundress. I love the selection of midi-skirts at Topshop, but you can find these from every department store whether it be TJ Maxx or Neiman Marcus



4. Kitten Pumps


Photo courtesy of Zappos.

Ditch the stilettos and say hello to the kitten pump. These throwback shoes exude class and timeless style while keeping your feet warm, harking back to more stylish days (hello, 1950s), and straddling the line between summer and fall. I adore these baby blue kitten pumps for a burst of color, but if you’re looking for a pair to match your tights and dresses in the winter, get a pair of black ones from DSW, Zappos, 6pm, or high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus.



5. Ribbed Turtlenecks


Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

Cozy and cool, turtlenecks made a comeback last fall and show no signs of slowing down. Personally I’m glad for the comeback – the sweaters feel like simple statements that perfect any outfit and constantly protect me from colds. The ribbed stitching emanates “cool” and updates the outfit with a little bit of an edge to balance out the modesty of a turtleneck.