Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tarts are Returning

The real question is, why did they ever leave us?

ByCaitlin M.

Few things give us warm and fuzzy feels quite like our childhood favorite breakfast foods. When we learned our favorite Oreo O's were making a comeback, we got so excited that we even teamed up with the cereal brand for a very special VoxBox. But that's not the only Saturday-morning staple getting a reboot. Pop-Tarts announced fan favorite flavor Strawberry Milkshake is returning.

The pink strawberry pastry treat is coming back after a five-year hiatus. And it seems like we can thank Pop-Tarts fanatics for this big news. The brand noted in a press release that this is the most requested flavor on social media, and apparently, all those posts caused them to take notice of breakfast lovers' requests! For a limited time, you'll be able to shop and snack this beloved flavor.

strwaberry milkshake pop-tart
courtesy Pop-tarts

The yummy pastry contains strawberry-flavored filling à la strawberry milkshake. It's then coated in a pink strawberry icing with sprinkles. And, if you're truly dedicated to the milkshake-for-breakfast cause, Pop-Tarts recommends enjoying this treat by sticking it in the freezer first. 

Now, we can't attest to the freezer trick, but after reading quite a few Influenster foodie reviews on this treat, it's quite clear this is a much-needed return to the breakfast aisle. See what Influensters were saying about this beloved flavor:

"These really taste like a strawberry milkshake! We all know that Pop-Tarts are good right out of the box, and most are better after a minute in the toaster but  THESE you have GOT to try frozen! Highly recommended brand and flavor. I am a repeat consumer."

—Kelli S.

"These were my all-time favorite Pop-Tars and I was incredibly disheartened to hear that they were no longer being made. I would buy so many boxes of this flavor whenever I saw them, and had I foreseen that they'd no longer be produced, I definitely would've stocked up! It was a very sweet Pop-Tart, and was absolutely delicious! Tasted great cold or toasted."

—Shazi L. 

"Strawberry milkshake pop tarts are the best! I used to eat these all the time in high school. I haven't seen them in at least ten years! They were my favorite! Great flavor! If they are still around, I would recommend to others!"

—Alicia T. 

Have you tried Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tarts? Will you be shopping this special return? Share you thoughts below!