Spotlight Series: Tamara Tells us About Her Natural Hair Journey

It's all about self-love.


The bubbly Tamara documents her natural hair care journey on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with creative and fun content. She shares ideas for hairdos, creates tutorials for natural hair care, and regularly posts inspirational content to encourage other Black women to start their natural hair journey. For Black History Month, we’re celebrating this advocate for self-love who regularly shines her positive light on our timeline.

You started to document your hair journey with the handle @CoilyTamara during the pandemic. What motivated you to do this at the time?

I always received so many questions about my style and how I grew my hair back after my big chop. I figured Instagram was a good spot to show all of those things. We were all home because of the pandemic, so it was a great time to start my page. 


Tell us about your natural hair journey, from the “big chop” to your current luscious coils.

It was definitely a journey. After my big chop, I was in shock; I didn’t like how I looked with short hair. And then, I was overwhelmed by learning how to care for my hair. I took it one day at a time and started to note what my hair liked and didn’t like. I had many setbacks but always got back on track and learned much about myself. This was not just about hair; it was about self-acceptance. It was about not letting anyone else’s beauty standards determine my beauty. I have truly grown to love my hair, on good hair days and bad ones. I know my kinky, coily hair is beautiful. 


Tamara with flowers in her hair is exactly what we need on our feed. Sources: 1, 2.


What message would you give women thinking about starting their natural hair journey? Tell us something you wish you knew when you started your own journey.

I would tell them to embrace the ups and the downs. This really is a journey, and it’s a beautiful one, but it’s also hard and so worth it. Don’t compare your hair to someone else’s, and be patient. You will learn to care for your hair, and it does get easier. I wish I knew when I started my journey that there is no good or bad hair. All hair is beautiful—no matter what, your texture is gorgeous.           


You often highlight the importance of deep conditioning. What’s your current process, and what do you think are the best ingredients to nourish your type of curls? (Tamara has Type 4 hair).

I wash and deep condition weekly. My hair thrives in the moisture from deep conditioning. If you are on a natural hair journey, it’s essential to find a regimen that works for you and your hair. My favorite ingredients are aloe, avocado, argan, and Ayurveda oils. It works wonders for my curls.


Tamara showing her TikTok audience how to do Bantu knots. Source.


You juggle your online platforms with your job as a legal assistant; how do you manage to post regularly when life gets in the way? 

Getting the content done has been a struggle on some days. Planning and staying organized have helped me stay on track. I also batch my content, which means I shoot three or four videos on the weekend. I also write out my captions ahead and figure out my hashtag strategy. I love creating content, and when you love something, you make time for it. I truly love the amazing people who support and motivate me on my page to keep going and stay consistent.


You’re also very active on TikTok. Do you feel a difference in terms of community on that platform? What type of content is the most fun for you to create? 

I definitely feel a difference—I am still learning TikTok and what that audience likes and doesn’t like. I have an amazing audience on TikTok, and I am grateful that they support me. My favorite content to create is hair tutorials. I enjoy showing different styling options that can work for any hair type or texture. It’s so important to show women that all hair can be beautiful. 


Sources: Space Buns, Multi-ponytails Updo, Magic Rollers.


This past year, you posted a tribute to 90s hair with various homages to cultural icons. Who are your current inspirations in terms of hair looks?

I get inspiration from so many people, places, and things. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and YouTube. It’s so nice to see natural hair everywhere, from the red carpet to the board room. I feel inspired when looking at other curly naturals and watching their journeys. 


It’s Black History Month; what does this period mean to you? 

Black History Month means so much to me. It’s a time of celebration for our ancestors. It means being grateful for all the things that we have. It means celebrating and not taking all the things that we can do for granted that our ancestors had to fight for. I’m so grateful to be a Black woman embracing my natural hair. 


Tamara’s favorite Black-owned brands for hair care:


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