Spotlight: Fashionistas of Influenster

Spotlight: Fashionistas of Influenster

With the passing of Labor Day and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, fall fashion has officially begun. Need some fashionistas to keep you up to date with the latest trends? Look no further. This week we’re putting a spotlight on six of our ever-so-stylish Influenster members! Keep scrolling for a quick preview of these trendsetters and their very own Influenster VoxBox photos!

1. Kiara Michelle @kmserr

Orlando native Michelle is an aspiring personal stylist, and it's not hard to see why! This Influenster fashionista truly has an eye for style. Check out her blog for more of the latest trends and Giorgio Armani Eye Tint VoxBox photos! 


2. Sarah Nourse @sarah.nourse

Part-time YouTube star, full-time trendsetter, Sarah knows a thing or two about fashion. Follow her Instagram and YouTube for her adventures through Europe, effortless style, and be sure to check out her Hourglass Vanish Foundation VoxBox photo! 


3. Ami Haruna @amiharuna

As former Miss Tokyo, style and grace come naturally to this Influenster. Her adorable VoxBox photo (featuring her adorable pooch) of her sporting the Bite Beauty Multistick certainly exhibits her elegance! 


4. Britt Simerson @brittsimerson

Just like her Estée Edit VoxBox photos, Britt epitomizes the word "chic." It's no wonder she's racked up a whopping 50K followers on Instagram! 


5. Mindy Nguyen @threadsnbreads

This trendsetter doesn't just stop at fashion, she doubles as a foodie, taking good taste to a whole other level! Check her sweet and stylish Instagram, featuring her Giorgio Armani Eye Tint VoxBox photo! 


6. Ann Latte @beautyandvoyage 

Staying true to her Instagram handle, this globe-trotter hits up all your most desired destinations, bringing her style everywhere she goes. Follow her most recent adventure to NYC, where she took this gorgeous VoxBox photo of her Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Powder! 

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