Sour Patch Kids has a Spicy New Flavor


ByCaitlin M.

 From brand new Snickers flavors to an entirely new Reese's treat to the perfect #TBT Reptar Bar, it's a very exciting time for the candy biz. And that's apparently is only the tip of the candy-coated iceberg. Everyone's favorite sweet and sour candies are getting a spicy makeover. 


The foodie world is a buzz with the news that Sour Patch Kids is launching a brand new flavor called Fire. Our favorite candy-loving Instagrammer, @candyhunting, spilled the beans that there was a very special new flavor hitting stores. The new flavor was spotted at the National Association for Convenience Stores store, which sounds like one of the most delightful conferences around. 

The new Fire flavor was described as tasting like "normal Sour Patch Kids, but then there's a tiny kick of heat in the aftertaste." Now, for anyone who's familiar with the candy, Sour Patch Kids are known for being sour then sweet, so one can assume this new flavor goes from sour to spicy, with the chewy texture you know and love. If spicy sounds a little intimidating for you, we think it's safe to deduce these candies will be along the lines of Red Hots or Hot Tamales. But time will tell!

Sadly, there's not release date revealed for this new flavor. So in the mean time, let's see what Influensters are loving about OG Sour Patch Kids.

"We love these at my house. My kids always fight over the blue flavor. I prefer red. But after trick or treating these are always the first to be eaten. Whether you keep them in your mouth for a while or chew them straight away, they have great flavor. Sour patch kids are a favorite movie treat as well at our house. So the big bag is always a hit!"

Becky F.

"These candies are delicious no matter what age. Sour patch kids have to be in everybody's top 10 list! You can buy these at almost any place imaginable. They are cheap and addicting. The candies have a sour coating with a soft and chewy inside! They come in 5 unique flavored. My favorites are definitely the Reds!"

—Julie W.

"Sour patch are the bomb dot com! I love this candy and is one of my top favorites! I pack them for lunch at least twice a week and carry some around in my purse too! Can’t go wrong with these sweets!!"

—Katelyn L.


What do you think of the new Fire flavor? Is this something you'd be interested in trying? Share below!