Solutions To Your Most Dire Beauty Dilemmas

There are a lot of sayings out there that hint at the idea that getting your way may not always be in the cards. You can't have your cake and eat it, too! Beauty is pain! The grass is always greener on the other side! Well, we disagree. In fact, we've taken some of the most common beauty dilemmas and flipped them. Who says you have to sacrifice for a good solution?

1. Sacrifice: Volume for softness

The Solution: Big hair, certainly do care. This can be a tricky one, but new products are hitting shelves every day and combining volumizing power with softening elements. One product flipping haircare on its head is TRESemmé Beauty-FULL Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner & Shampoo, an innovative new collection that directs you to condition before you shampoo. The formula creates volume so you can rock big hair without skipping conditioner or subjecting your strands to products that make it feel crunchy and stiff.

2. Sacrifice: Natural makeup to cover redness

The Solution: If you think layering on heavy foundation is the best way to reduce redness, get ready for a revolution. With a slew of color correcting products hitting shelves, you can keep your face looking natural and stop redness in its tracks. Try a primer with a green tint. Green is the best color for neutralizing redness. Influensters love ULTA's Color Correcting Foundation & Primer Stick.

3. Sacrifice: Long-lasting fragrance for making your bottle of perfume last

The Solution: So, you treated yourself to a full bottle of your signature scent but every time you spritz you're left scentless only a few short hours later. What's a girl to do? Over spraying can mean buying a new bottle before your next paycheck. Instead, build a fragrance foundation. Use a lotion and/or body wash that has the same scent as your perfume then spray away after you shower. Creating layers of fragrance means a longer-lasting scent. We love the perfume and lotion combination La Vie est Belle from Lancome. Get more tips on making your fragrance last here.

4. Sacrifice: Lip color for moisture

The Solution: If your lips are chronically chapped, lipstick is a tough sell. No one wants to layer color over a cracked pout. Luckily, lipstick creators have caught on to this dilemma and have dreamed up moisturizing formulas that pack a softening punch. Try Tom Ford's luxe line of lip colors. For a more wallet-friendly option, we love Burt's Bees' tinted balms.

5. Sacrifice: Comfort for killer shoes

The Solution: So you're running out the door and your shoes are already rubbing and giving you blisters. If you can't make it to a store, grab a maxi pad (like these from Carefree). Yes, it sounds bizarre, but pads can help relieve the pain and soak up sweat whether you're dancing the night away in heels or pounding the pavement in a great pair of boots. Just be sure that if you decided to kick your heels off and dance – do it somewhere where a trash can is accessible. If you’re not comfortable with the maxi pad, Foot Petals are a great option to make heels and boots a bit more comfortable. Or, try one of our favorite quick problem solvers—the Bandaid Friction Block Stick—it really works.

6. Sacrifice: At-home manis for perfect nails

The Solution: Don't let a little mess stop you from doing your nails at home! You can clean up your nails like a pro with our manicure secret weapons—Q-tips® Precision Tips™ and Cutex Nail Polish Remover No Spill Pump

7. Sacrifice: Smooth skin for a quick morning routine

The Solution: Hate shaving but love the feeling of smooth skin? Try a hair inhibiting lotion such as Completely Bare's Growth Inhibitor which can slow hair growth and extend the time between shaves. Some in-salon options include waxing or laser hair removal. 

8. Sacrifice: Highlights for long-lasting color

The Solution: Ever get your hair colored only to spot roots what feels like mere weeks later? Been there! Extend the time between dye jobs with smart, root covering products. Influensters are loving L'Oreal Root Cover Up which makes disguising roots a breeze.

9. Sacrifice: Dewy skin for a clear skin

The Solution: Every beauty lover knows that the key to glowing skin is moisture. But, layering on thick moisturizers can cause breakouts or oiliness. As an alternative, treat parched skin to a dose of moisture with a sleep mask. Influensters love LANEIGE's Water Sleeping Mask which delivers intense hydration while you sleep meaning you can get up, rinse, and go!

10. Sacrifice: Anti-aging for a quick daily routine

The Solution: We all want the time-stopping benefits that come with multiple products and heaping doses of active ingredients, but, spending twenty minutes layering on products can be a lot to ask on nights when we can barely keep our eyes open. For a quick fix, try boosting serums. These products are pumped up with luxe ingredients and be mixed with your moisturizer to cut down on your skincare steps. Try Fresh's Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster.

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