Tools and Tech to Make Remote Work Easier

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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

If you're like us here at Influenster HQ, you're settling into that new normal of home offices, plenty of family time, and lots of experimenting with cooking. Thankfully, we're making our work days more manageable with the help of some simple yet effective software. 

These apps and software are powering everything from daily check-ins with our managers to our virtual work happy hours. Still looking to streamline your work calendar? Keep reading for our hot takes on some of these time management and connectivity tools and tech to make your work day as productive as possible.



For those looking to add a little structure to their projects, Asana is an excellent tool for managing all kinds of projects. Plan out daily, weekly, and monthly projects, assign and follow along certain tasks with your team, and build out calendars all in one central hub.



Consider your team chats revolutionized thanks to Slack. This platform makes it easier than ever to communicate with your team via shared project channels, private groups, and direct DMs. In addition to organizing all of your project conversations, you can share files and add custom gifs—who doesn't love that?



We likely don't have to tell you about the magic that is Skype. The chat system allows you to send instant or voice messages or make video call to anyone, anywhere. It's such a tried-and-true favorite, that it already has more than 6K reviews on Influenster.

Cisco WebEx


Another leader for helping the workplace stay connected comes from Cisco WebEx. The web conferencing and videoconferencing application makes online meetings, screen share, and webinars a total breeze. Influensters rave that it's ideal for when your team is spread out across the country.



One of the rising selections for work-from-homers everywhere is Zoom. The video conferencing platform also allows for video and audio conferencing, chats, and webinars, but it may be one of the easiest to use on the market. Not only is it efficient for making work calls seamless, but it's also a great option for social gatherings too. You can even change your own backgrounds to pretend like you're all on the beach!

What other apps and software are you relying on to keep connected? Share below!

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