Best of the Year: Our Social Media Strategist's Top Beauty Items of 2018

One of each!

As we close 2018, we asked the Influenster editors to share their top favorites of the year. We're kicking things off with Jeisen, our Social and Community Strategist's best beauty picks for 2018. "I got super into skin and haircare in particular," says Jeisen. "And it’s drastically improved both my morning and night routines. Here are a couple products that I instantly became obsessed with this, that I think you’ll equally fall in love with as well!"


1. Glossier Body Hero

Glossier Body Hero

"I began using this body lotion completely by accident. I wasn’t that impressed by the marketing enough for it to make me want to buy it but I got the chance to use it at a friends house over the summer and my life changed forever! The glow that this cream gives you is so amazing, it’s like a highlight for your legs, and best of all it doesn’t feel heavy so you can wear it without sweating it off."


2. Palmers Face Oil

Palmers Face Oil

"This is an oil that I was using for a while but I stopped, then Fall came and my skin got increasingly dry so I picked a bottle up from CVS again. I mix it with a little GLAMGLOW Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in the morning and it moisturizers my face all day without leaving my combination skin oily by the evening."


3. Glossier You

 Glossier You

"This is another Glossier product of mine that accidentally became a fave. At first I wasn’t to sure about the scent but it really grew on me. I’ve even been stopped on the train by someone asking me what perfume it was that I had on. This is definitely something that i’d recommend or even give as a gift because it’s such a universal scent that can match anyone's aesthetic!"


4. Fenty Beauty Matte Match Stix in Walnut

Fenty Beauty Matte Match Stix in Walnut

"This brand had such a good year and sometimes I hate to rave about products that have such a cult following because it may come off as disingenuous...but, this is rave-worthy! I normally don’t wear foundation unless I have to so this MatchStix is literally a dream come true. It’s the first concealer i’ve used in a long time that just seamlessly blends into my skin without having to over blend. It matches my undertones exactly and it’s so smooth and matte without drying."


5. TGIN Green Tea Super Leave-In Conditioner

TGIN Green Tea Super Leave-In Conditioner

"I love this leave-in conditioner! It leaves my hair feeling so smooth and manageable. I discovered this brand on YouTube and gave it a try because it’s natural and it’s definitely worked  wonders for my curls! Detangling my hair after I wash it is such a dream with this product and it smells amazing."


6. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

"Witch Hazel is something I have in my skin care arsenal at all times and this brand is my favorite by far. I feel like this enhances my natural glow without making my skin super oily and it gives me that smooth dewy finish without makeup. I typically put a few drops on a cotton pad and gently wipe it over my face in the morning and night."


What were your top products of 2018? Share below! And don't forget to leave reviews of your picks and share a photo of your best products in our #Bestof2018 gallery!

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Jeisen-Simone T.
Jeisen-Simone T.
I'm really into skincare and hair care! 💁 I love finding new natural options to substitute in my beauty routines.🍃