Caution: Blinding Smiles Ahead

Get a million-watt grin in 15 minutes with Snow Cosmetics.

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.


A whiter smile in just 15 minutes? Now THAT'S something to sink your teeth into! While many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes on the market tout teeth-whitening benefits, real results can be hard to find.  

Cue Snow Cosmetics, the teeth-whitening experts bringing you gleaming smiles in a snap with The SNOW® Magic Strips® and The SNOW® Magic Powder.


The SNOW® Magic Strips®

These aren't your mama's whitening strips. Magic Strips by Snow Cosmetics strip away stains in 15 minutes and then dissolve — no gooey mess left behind. The small, simple film is barely visible and whitens without any discomfort. Keep your pearly whites pearlier and feel good doing it!


You'll love:

  • New patented P3 Technology® whitens more effectively than other dissolvable whitening strips

  • 2x faster than competitor strips

  • Gentle lavender and mint flavors

  • 28 strips per pack


The SNOW® Magic Powder

Who needs pixie dust when you could have the world's first-ever whitening powder? Apply SNOW® Magic Powder to any toothpaste for an instant sparkle that over one million users trust. One shake of this whitening powder reduces coffee, wine, and smoking stains to distant memories.


You'll love:

  • The ease of use and instant whitening effects

  • Shareable size lasts for up to six months

  • Use up to 4x a week for a whiter, brighter smile


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