The Hunt is Over–You Can Now Buy Snapchat Spectacles Online

Yes, yes, yes!

Consider your days of hunting down a Snapbot for Snapchat Spectacles to be completely over with. Spectacles are officially up for grabs online at This is huge news, considering only select locations carried the most sought-after gadget around holiday season. And take it from someone who waited two hours in line to get her sister a pair for Christmas, you can bet I'll use this platform for the next occasion. 

Courtesy of Snapchat

A little recap–Snap debuted the Google Glass-esque frames about six months ago as an innovative way to record events in real-time to Snapchat without taking your phone out. After you place it on your face and turn it on, Spectacles record 10-second videos or take photos and send them directly to your Snapchat account. It's pure genius–and it makes actually living through those Snapchat-worthy moments more special. 

Spectacles will still cost $129.99. You can pick them up in teal, coral, and the classic black. 

And of course if you still want the futuristic experience of vending a pair from a Snapbot, don't sweat it: The bots will continue to pop up at different locations around the country. 

Have you ever tried Snapchat Spectacles? We're curious to know! Tell us in the comments below!

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