This Makeup Applicator is Unlike Anything You've Seen

For one thing, it looks like a thumb print.

ByCaitlin M.

Now a days, just about anything goes when it comes to makeup application techniques and tools. Sure, makeup brushes are still popular, but sponges of all shapes and sizes and even silicone applicators are giving good old brushes a run for their money. Well, a new silicone applicator is here to rock the boat even more. Smashbox just launched the brand new Photo Filter Gel Cushion Applicator, and you've got to see it to believe it.


At first glance, the gel applicator looks like your standard silicone foundation applicator. But take a closer look and you'll notice Smashbox's diamond-shaped sponge has unique ripples and edges as opposed to a smooth surface. Now, the whole selling-point of a gel applicator is the chicken cutlet-like smoothness that spreads and blends the foundation across skin. But here's where the Photo Filter Gel Cushion Applicator turns things upside down: The edges and ridges mimic your actual fingertips.


Notice the unique design? By mimicking your fingertips, you can easily pickup, spread, and apply primer or liquid face products. And because there's such a good grip on the sponge, you actually can use less product to cover the same amount of space. Plus, you still get the smooth, blending benefits of a silicone sponge. And you're entirely mess free.

The future of makeup sponges might just look like spy gear. And we can dig it.

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