Finger-Lickin' Good Slider Recipes

Finger-Lickin' Good Slider Recipes

The temperatures are rising–it's indeed that time of year again—barbecue season! What’s more summery than a good old-fashioned cookout? We’re laying out the best dishes for a party crowd–recipes and all! And for us, that means sliders! 

Check out our favorite recipes below:

Ina Garten's Ground Beef Sliders

If it’s Ina Garten’s slider of choice, we’re making it, too.

What you’ll need:

Glatt Ground Beef |  French’s Dijon Mustard | Spice World Chopped Garlic | Small Brioche Buns | McCormick Thyme Leaves | Gold Crown Red Onions | Sliced Tomatoes | Taylor Organic Sweet Baby Lettuce

Pulled Pork Sliders

Pulled pork is a true barbecue classic. Pair it with buttered corn and your guests will think you catered from Austin, Texas.

What you’ll need: 

Jack Daniels Pulled Pork | Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar | Crystal Light Brown Sugar | LiOR Sweet Paprika Seasoning | Hunt’s Tomato Paste | Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Original All Natural

Bean and Veggie Sliders

This bean and veggie recipe is almost convincing enough for us to go fully vegetarian.

What you’ll need:

 Rienzi Red Kidney Beans | Taste of Rice-Jasmine Rice | Grimmway Shredded CarrotGreen Giant Fresh Cilantro | Rhodes Bake N Serv Whole Wheat Rolls | Sargento Natural Muenster Sliced Cheese

Spicy Black Bean Sliders

Low in fat, and high in fiber! Who said sliders have to be cheat meals?

What you’ll need:

Hellmann’s Real Squeeze Mayonnaise | Eden Foods Black Beans | Pepperidge Farm Soft Country Style Dinner Rolls |  Red onions | Badia Cayenne Pepper | Claussen Dill Pickles

Salmon BLT Sliders

Pair salmon with anything, and your guests will be lining up for seconds.

What you’ll need:

Salmon | Sliced Tomatoes | Taylor Organic Sweet Baby Lettuce | Pepperidge Farm Soft Country Style Dinner Rolls

Which slider will you be cooking up on your patio? Tell us in the comments below!

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