This Light-Up Beauty Product is Actually a Skincare Lifesaver

It's like a light show, for your face!

ByCaitlin M.

From the looks of it, this handheld tool looks more like something you'd see at a dance party rather than the beauty aisle. But, the fancy lights on Skin Inc.'s Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light are actually designed to help all of your skincare concerns. Hot off of a successful launch in Asia, the Tri-Light is just now coming stateside. Read on to learn why this funky beauty tool is on our radar.

What it does: Thanks to fancy chromatherapy technology (like the kind NASA uses in its space medicine program!), the Tri-Light uses red, blue, and amber light to penetrate skin and address a number of skin problems such as aging, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, and acne.

How it works: Customize your treatment by choosing the LED light best suited to your concern. The red light is ideal for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the yellow light encourages a brighter complexion, and the blue light is for controlling oil and calming the skin. Partnered with low frequency stimulation, which boosts skin metabolism and encouragse blood and lymphatic circulation, this tool fights your biggest skin problem with a one-two punch. Plus it helps with ingredient absorption and lifting and firmness. 

How to use it: Simply choose your desired setting and apply to the face starting with the forehead and working out in a circular motion for two minutes. Next, move onto the sides of the face for four minutes per side. (The device will shut off once you've hit your ten-minute mark!) You can use the Tri-Light for up to ten minutes per application, twice daily!

Price: $295 at 

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