7 Single Shadows That Might Replace Your Makeup Palettes

All the single shadows 🎶

How many eyeshadow palettes do you currently own in your beauty arsenal? Two? Three? Maybe ten? If your answer is a double digit, chances are you enjoy purchasing new palettes because of the unique shades each has to offer. 

While palettes boast a variety of shade options that are designed to work together for creating beautiful makeup looks, a few shadows always end up being neglected or unused. Finding the perfect palette is no easy task, so that's why brands like NARS and MARC JACOBS have decided to release a range of highly-pigmented single shadows that allow makeup lovers to personalize their own collection.

Whether you enjoy a smokey eye or prefer to keep things on the natural side, singles shadows allow you to hand pick the all the shadows needed to created your favorite looks. Considering buying new makeup isn't always a cheap love affair, you might want to make sure your spending your money wisely on products that will actually be used!

Looking to ditch your palettes and go the single shadow route? We've got your covered! Check out these six single shadows from cult-favorite brands that deserve a spot on your personalized magnetic palette. 

Will you be ditching your makeup palettes any time soon? Share you thoughts down below! 

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