Beauty News Update: A Nail Polish Car Now Exists!

Recently, the beauty world has become incredibly creative with incorporating nail polish in unconventional ways—cue the viral video of the application of 100 layers of polish. And, we’ll be honest, we’re suckers for these totally crazy (but addicting) videos. So, you can imagine our excitement when we learned about a recent art piece using a Mini Cooper as a blank canvas for dripping nail polish paint. Read more for the latest beauty news update!


Pinto Sinful Colors

Photo courtesy via Design Boom

The scoop: Over the span of four days, Brazilian artist Theo Pinto dripped 120 gallons of Sinful Color nail polish over a 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman. The Mini Cooper was meant to act as a canvas showcasing the spring/summer Revlon-Sinful Colors nail polish collection using Pinto’s signature "drip painting" look. While hung at 20 feet in the air and at a 90-degree angle, hundreds of layers of Sinful Colors nail polish dripped down the car creating an amazing striped effect. Now this is taking nail art to a whole new level! 


Video courtesy of Theo Pinto

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