Everything You Need to Know About Shaving

Debunking those hairy myths

We understand you've been shaving since the 7th grade, which means you've had plenty of time to develop some bad habits and fall for hairy myths. So, allow us to enlighten you on some things you never knew about shaving! From preventing cuts to getting to the bottom of why your skin is flaky, you'll be well on your way to becoming a shaving pro. 

Myth #1: My hair grows back thicker after shaving: It actually doesn't! Shaving alters the shape of your hair at the tip, so even though blunt ends can make hair seem thicker as it grows back, re-growth is actually up to your DNA. Thanks, mom and dad!

Myth #2: I'm always getting nicks and cuts because of my razor: Actually, a number of things could be the cause of this! Shaving with an old dull blade, putting too much pressure on your skin, razor slippage from hands, and even using a poor quality product can cause irritation, too.

Myth #3: I heard shaving isn't good for my skin: This is a total myth! Shaving is actually good for your skin. With the right razor, you can remove hair painlessly and without harsh chemicals, and gently exfoliate away flaky skin—revealing skin that both looks and feels smooth!

Myth #4: I don’t have to use shave gel or cream because soap and water work just as well. False! Shave gels and creams are less drying than soap and help keep hair hydrated. Try the new Venus with Olay Moisturizing Shower & Shave Cream which combines moisturizing ingredients to gently clean and protect your skin while shaving.

Our recommendation for your silkiest, hair-free skin ever? The Gillette Venus® Swirl™ Razor. It's a Spring Break must. 

Venus swirl

Pesky knee and ankle hairs are no match for this razor that #MovesLikeNoOther. It's a powerhouse for shaving in those hard-to-reach places thanks to its FLEXIBALL™ technology and five individually adjusting Contour™ blades. This razor caters to every woman's curve and contour! Plus, you won't have to worry about an uncomfortable experience–there's a water-activated serum that surrounds the blades for a much smoother glide.

And above all, it's just pretty to look at! The lightweight and patterned handle is sure to stand out on your shower ledge.

Put your skills to the shaving test and take our quiz! Have any of you tried the Gillette Venus® Swirl™ Razor before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!




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