Self Care Products That’ll Ease Your Mind

Get ready for some much needed zen time

Self-care is a hot topic these days. Bubble baths and nail painting parties can only take us so far - what are some of the other ways we can interpret self-care, and what are some handy products that might support us on this journey?

Our brains are such powerful tools, but it can be so easy to get caught up in our thoughts. I know you know what I mean. I really enjoy taking a few minutes out of my day to do what I call a “brain dump”. Free writing, putting everything that’s going on in my mind out on paper. I use these notebooks and I love the art on the covers, but also love how slim they are. I keep one in my car, in my backpack, and on my nightstand so that one is available whenever the feeling strikes. 

Another tool for helping me get out of my head and on my way to feeling more grounded is Headspace. When there’s a bunch of thoughts going on in my mind, I like to use Headspace mindfulness practice to slow things down and focus on my sensations for a bit instead. Have only five minutes to spare? Pick the length of your exercise, anywhere from as little as five minutes onwards. I used to do these exercises while on a train into the city for work. The folks at Headspace have made it easy to fit mindfulness into my busy schedule!

I’m a firm believer that what we absorb with our senses has a profound impact on our thoughts. I have a library of go-to’s for when it comes time to being intentional about the media I consume. I own a copy of this book to remind me how resilient the human body and spirit are. I watch this movie to remind me that I deserve better than what I’m settling for (from others and myself). Plus, the all-star cast is stellar!

Sometimes, for me, self -care means “adulting”. If I’m stressed about money, it’s probably time to review my budget, and I think the Mint app is great for this. If I’m overwhelmed by the clutter in my space, it’s probably time to dedicate an hour or two to organization - I love these file folders to help me organize important documents (hello, tax season!).

I hesitate to use the word “enjoy” in the same sentence as “cleaning”, but I do love the scent of the Meyer’s Peony Scented Collection for when my limited counter space needs some love. I find that when I dedicate some time to getting my affairs in order, I’m able to live more in the moment. 

Keep reading here for unexpected ways to find your zen. And leave a comment below with tips on how you ground yourself.