Self-Care Gifts for, Well, Yourself

Bring on the pampering

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

The warm and fuzzies that come along with the gift of giving are real. And spreading joy to others does make holiday time that much more special and memorable. But that doesn't mean you should get lost in the gift giving shuffle. Hey, after the year we've had, we don't think you should just buy yourself a gift, but wrap it too, with the fancy paper and bows and all. 

But seriously, who knows you better than you? Show yourself some love and care with a gift that will remind you of your value. We think any — or all — of the below can be a great place to start. 


Skincare Equals Self Care 

What better way to show yourself a little self-love on a daily basis than with a mood boosting, rose quartz gua sha? Jenny Patinkin's Uplifting Gua Sha Heart is a simple, effective and stress relieving way to help improve the appearance of skin laxity, promote lymphatic drainage to reduce fluid retention, and trigger muscle relaxation for a smoother, more uplifted appearance.

And a gua sha is best utilized when applying a luxurious moisturizer.  Tatcha's The Water Cream is an Influenster fan favorite, check out the reviews to see if it's worth treating yourself to a jar. 


And skincare includes more than your face! Tend to your lovely limbs and quench winter dryness with the new Illuminate Me Body Butter and Shimmer Body Oil by Vaseline. This new line was co-created with influential black women from the arts, beauty and sports to care for the unique needs of melanin-rich skin. The end product is a luxurious and moisturizing body oil and butter that illuminates skin with a finishing touch of warm copper shimmer. Check out some other body love products


Give Yourself the Gift of Comfort

A nice comfy, yet stylish, robe is as close to a warm hug in clothing form as you can get. The Stars Above™ Women's Cozy Plush Sleep Cardigan, screams me-time to us. Loungewear actually earned a spot on both the top gifts to give and gifts to get lists, check out some more cozy options here

And the SLIP King Pillowcase, number one on Influenster for pillowcases and shams, makes for another self-love, pampering gift perfect for optimizing your beauty rest.

Just Because Kind of Fun 

Self-care gifts don't just have to be about rest and relaxation. In fact, we think indulging in some glitz and glam could be the perfect way to show yourself a little love. We have gotten used to getting dressed up for others, or maybe more so "the gram", but 2020 has taught us a few things. One of those lessons being, if you look good, you feel good—no live audience required. 

So, we are going for all the sparkle with these self-care gift ideas. INN Beauty's super shimmery All Things Glaze Kit is a real treat with a Glazed Donut Lip Oil and a Champagne Face Glaze. Yum. 

And we think a sparkly manicure is me-time well spent. Check out Sally Hansen's Snow What Fun! flaky glitter Miracle Gel polish

Have you tried any of these self-care, self-love products? Let us know and leave a review!