Meet the Razor That Lets You Shave the Opposite Way

The easiest way to get beach ready.

Ever been late to a date but still need a quick shave? That's where the trouble starts! You try to shave too fast and end up cutting yourself. With all the shaving we do every day, it's frustrating to deal with the bumps, burns, and cuts in the aftermath.



You won't ever have to hear "you have to shave the same way your hair grows" again because the Schick Intuition f.a.b allows you to shave both ways without even lifting the blade from your skin. And you don't even really need to use shaving cream because Schick razors add Advance Moisture Gel on their razors for smooth sailing.


So how do you use it?  Simple. 

The top blade shaves up and the bottom blade shaves down.

We're excited to be sending out 1,000 of these razors to our lucky Influensters! If you're not one of them this time, read this to learn more about how you can be!


What are your shaving tips for no burns or bumps? We want to know!

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Arielle Lana L.
Arielle Lana L.
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