Say Goodbye to Watered-Down Iced Coffee!

Say Goodbye to Watered-Down Iced Coffee!

Pumpkin pie spice lattes are back! A classic symbol of fall's arrival in America, these delicious coffee beverages are comforting and cozy during the holidays. And call me crazy, but I even like mine served cold.

If you’re like me (a slow coffee drinker), then you probably agree that it's a sad moment to find that your once tasty beverage has been replaced with coffee flavored water from all the melted ice. One of my absolute favorite new discoveries is a handy and inexpensive trick for keeping your iced coffee delicious and cold, without getting watered down. 

It seems so simple but the trick is to use frozen cubes of COFFEE instead of frozen water cubes. Duh, I know, how did I not think of it sooner?

The wonderful thing about this coffee hack is that it is fast and you don't need to invest in anything extra for the kitchen. If you're feeling fancy you can find places that sell cute ice cube trays that produce specialty cubes shaped like coffee beans, lips, hearts, little ghosts, etc., but the truth is that any old ice cube tray will suffice. 

ice cube trays

Just fill the tray with room temperature coffee (with or without milk, other flavoring, or a sweetener added), and pop it into the freezer for at least 3 hours. I like to use any leftover coffee in the morning (rather than throw it out), and I get a whole stockpile of cubes going by storing them in a freezer grade ziplock bag so that I always have plenty on hand.

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