Savory Pancake Recipes That Will Make You Drool


Who doesn’t love pancakes? They are one of the many things that make weekends so good. Whether they’re piled high with strawberries and cream, drizzled with honey, or coated in chocolate, they’re always delicious.

As much as we love our sweet toppings, we cannot forget about savory options. They’re so good that you will want to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and supper. (Then maybe have a sweet one for dessert.) In honor of Fat Tuesday aka Pancake Day, get inspired to switch up your classic pancake recipe with one of these yummy savory recipe ideas:

1. Curry Kimchi Pancakes by Beyond Kimchee

Trendy kimchi works in a pancake as well as in a bowl. Mix your favorite kimchi with a Korean pancake mix, onion, and curry powder for a new food hybrid. Add some green chilies if you like it hot.


2. Chorizo and Pulled Pork Pancakes by Saga

Calling all carnivores, these are the pancakes for you. When you combine pancakes with pork belly slices, chorizo, sour cream, and a hint of chili powder, you will completely forget about your usual bun.


3. Spicy Indian Savory Egg Pancakes by Scratching Canvas

If you think eggs are egg-cellent, you’re going to like these pancakes. They’re a bit like an omelet thanks to the use of lots of eggs, but the all-purpose flour and onion in the mix ensure that they stay in familiar pancake territory.


4. Egg and Cheese Pancakes by Crafty Cooking Mama

You don’t need 20 different ingredients to produce amazing savory pancakes. These delicious ones make use of kitchen staples like shredded cheese, onion powder, eggs, black pepper, flour, and chives


5. Gluten-Free Chickpea Pancakes with Hummus by Simple Veganista

Vegans and those who are gluten-free can still get in on the pancake fun. These savory pancakes are made with chickpea flour then topped with hummus and fresh cilantro. Yum.


What do you always put in your pancakes? Let us know your favorite pancake recipes!

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