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I am a big Saturday Skin fan — their moisturizer has a permanent spot on my desk, and I am a Rub a Dub Prosthelytizer — and I know our members are pretty into the brand as well. (Congratulations on their Influenster Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Indie Moisturizer for Waterfall Glacier!) So, when I was looking to have a little skin care Saturday fun, I knew which products to check out first. 

Saturday Skin is one of our favorite Indie skin brands. Founded in South Korea, a lot of our members first spotted them on Instagram. In addition to the packaging, which I personally am obsessed with — millennial pinks and fun, 80s inspired pastels are the cornerstones of my personal aesthetic — but these products also deliver some serious results!

Pretty Pop: This Probiotic Power whipped cream moisturizer is seriously luminous. The texture is deceptive at first: it looks like it’s going to be really thick, and almost sticky, but the whipped consistency keeps it super light while it nourishes. I did think it instantly brightened my complexion upon applying it. The container is a really fun iridescent, but the product itself doesn’t contain any extra glitter or shimmer. So, the glow is all natural. I also felt like my face looked smoother, and my skin looked nice and buoyant. I’m a big fan of the ingredients: Niacinamide and Hibiscus are favorites of mine.

Saturday Skin Pore Clarifying Toner 10% Glycolic Acid + Pore Control Complex: As many readers know, toners are amongst my absolute favorite skin care products, so I’ve been dying to try this one out. The 10% Glycolic Acid is as effective as I hoped it would be: my pores, which are my biggest skin concern, definitely look much smaller. The first time I used it I did feel a little tingle, which makes sense because 10% is a pretty strong amount of Glycolic Acid, but my skin instantly looked significantly brighter, and over time I did notice that my skin tone became more even. There is a light, lemony, citrus scent that I found quite pleasing as well. In addition to the Glycolic Acid, the product includes Witch Hazel (which is my favorite astringent), and Sodium PCA, to help the skin retain moisture.

Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask: Vitamin C is one of my favorite ingredients, and I am a big sleep mask fan (I like to leave masks on for a really long time), so this product checked a lot of boxes for me. The gel-like consistency felt really nice and cool when I applied it. The citrusy scent from the yuzu was also a perk. One of my favorite things about the Saturday Skin products I’ve tried, is that my skin always feels brighter, bouncier and really clean after I use them, and this was no exception. I’m someone who doesn’t normally feel glow-y unless I’m also feeling a little oily, but this mask did have me waking up feeling nice and hydrated.

Featherweight Moisturizing Cream: This product sits in a place of honor at my desk all of the time. I’m not someone who wears makeup every day, and in the winter, especially in non-2020 years when I’ve been sitting in the office in the heat all day, I feel like my skin gets very dry, and this lightweight moisturizer packs quite a hydrating punch. The key ingredient is Avocado protein and it makes my skin feel instantly relieved and so soft. It’s currently sitting on my work from home desk as well, and when we transitioned to working remotely I forgot my computer mouse but remembered to grab it, it’s essential to me.

Rub A Dub: This is possibly my favorite exfoliator of all time. I can’t describe how satisfying it is to rub this onto your face and just watch the dead cells melt away. It’s fun to apply, and I feel like since I’ve been doing it 1-2 times a week, my skin tone has seriously evened out. My sister and I have been sharing a bathroom again for the first time in many years, and she just purchased two huge bottles of it because I’ve converted her as well. If you’re looking for your skin to feel more elastic, this product encourages the natural production of collagen. I also felt great recommending this product to my vegan sister because Saturday Skin is vegan, cruelty free and uses no parabens or sulfates, but instead uses natural ingredients.

Waterfall Glacier Cream: This is the Influenster Reviewers’ Choice Award winning product! This is an anti-aging cream that protects skin from free radicals. I love the fresh scent, and I also found that it delivered some serious moisturizing power while feeling really light on my skin. Ingredients include Alaska Glacier Water and Icelandic Moss, to protect skin from free radicals while reducing inflammation and helping skin absorb the full effects of the hydration. It was the top Indie Moisturizer on Influenster in 2020! 


Which Saturday Skin products do you want to try out this Saturday? Tell us in the comments! And review your favorites so other Influensters know what to shop!

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