We Put Nail Masks to the Test—Here's What Happened

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

By now, it seems as if sheet masks are now mainstays in any skincare routine. In fact, we put several to the test during our 30 days of K-beauty products challenge. The instant does of highly concentrated skincare goodness has made sheet masks a go-to for those looking to quickly tackle skin woes. The mask trend has become so popular that it's even moved to your feet and yep, your fingers. So when we got our hands (pun intended) on a set of finger sheet masks, we knew we had to put them to the test. (Hey, we are Influensters after all!) Keep reading to get the scoop on nail masks!

The Product: Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask ($12 for 2)

sally's box friendly milk nail mask

What it is: Just like it sounds, this is a set of ten mini masks for your nails that are designed specifically to deliver maximum amount of treatment to soften cuticles and treat brittle nails. Goat's milk and fruit extracts are the main ingredients that condition and smooth digits in these toppers.

Our Take: Full disclosure, I personally don't love sheet masks. I find them a little uncomfortable and well, sloppy. So I figured finger masks are probably a safe bet, as they're only applied to such a small area. And although that is true, I quickly learned finger masks are pretty much just little versions of facial sheet masks, and everything I dislike about normal sheet masks still rings true here. 

To use, you apply the masks to your finger tips finger puppet style and leave them on for approximately 15 minutes. Now, 15 minutes of a face mask feels like an eternity when you have a runny mask drenching your face, and sadly, I can report, it feels just as long when you have freezing cold, serum-ridden pads encompassing your fingers.

I applied the left hand first because I found it incredibly difficult to apply the right side while the left was on. So there I sat, for 15 minutes with, for lack of a better word, finger gloves on only one hand. Instantly, I could tell this was going to be an adventurous 15 minutes: the masks were shockingly cold, the serum seemed to saturate the masks far too much, and product started running down my arm. 

After the recommended 100 years—errr, 15 minutes—I removed the nail masks and rubbed the remaining slightly sticky product into my cuticles and nails and got on with my day. I never even made it to the right hand... 

Bottom line: Turns out if you dislike sheet masks on your face, you're still going to dislike them on your hands. The sloppy serum, the awkward time spent waiting for the "magic" to happen, the feeling of now what once you remove the mask—still very present. However, it's been a day since I tested the nail masks, and as I sit here typing this review, I happen to glance down at my hands: right hand nails—dry, snagged cuticles, all-around not cute. My left hand nails? Shiny, nourished, and not a hang nail in sight. Dare I say my 15 minutes of personal torture might have actually been worth it?

Have you tried a nail sheet mask? What's been your experience with them? Let us know!

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