You're Not Dreaming This, Sake Baths are a Real Thing

Bottoms up.

ByCaitlin M.

Chances are you've only ever thought of sake in reference to the traditional Japanese alcoholic drink—or if you're having a bit of wild night, sake bombs. But, did you know sake is actually really good for your health? Taking a bath (yep, a bath) in it can be beneficial to both your health and skin—keep reading to see how.

The scoop: Sake isn't just a drink to accompany your dinner. It's actually rice wine that has been fermented, and it's during that fermenting process that two potent ingredients, namely amino and kojic acids, are released. As many beauty gurus know, amino acids are fantastic anti-agers. In fact, the amino and kojic acids are said to have good moisturizing, softening, and brightening qualities. In addition, sake can help with circulation and body temperature, which can help release toxins during the bath. Consider us sold.

Why it's necessary: Well, it's not. But who doesn't want to have softer, brighter skin? Plus, how cool would you feel bathing in sake?

How to do it: You can actually give sake baths a shot at some spas. But if you're hoping to try this at home, all you really need is a warm bath and some sake. Just be sure not to use too much, you don't want to be wasteful—or tipsy. You can also purchase a number of rice or sake products if you don't want to use your fave drink.

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fresh rice sake bath

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Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum

This serum relies on rice sake and peach extracts rich in vitamins A and C to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Have you used sake in your beauty routine? Would you ever try a sake bath? Share with us your thoughts!