Discover Macro Beauty With Makeup Artist Rocy Roque

We're calling it—this is the new ASMR.

The stroke of a brush, the shimmer of an eyeshadow, the perfect flick of an eyeliner⁠—these are all things we watch in YouTube beauty tutorials. Step-by-step videos have given way to a shorter format highlighting the aesthetic appeal of colors and textures. With this turn of events, macro beauty is more popular than ever, and artists like Rocy Roque are experts at showing us the best of makeup through extreme close-up shots.


Read on to understand what this trend is all about and learn more about Rocy Roque and how she keeps reaching new heights online.



So, what's #MacroBeauty?


If you peruse this tag on Instagram, you won't just find pictures of eyeshadow palettes and über-defined eyelashes. You'll also see nature shots and tiny details in fabric or even food—anything taken with a "macro" lens. Photographers use a special set-up to get this type of picture, but you can also hook up a lens to your phone and start your macro journey from home.

When it comes to makeup, this type of set-up makes sense. Details are often key to good content. Followers want to see the subtleties of a shade, the texture of a primer, the pay-off of a foundation. Plus, there's something soothing about looking at a made-up face up close—seeing the tiny imperfections on someone's skin relaxes the superficial atmosphere of social media. We've said it before and we'll say it again—beauty is found in authenticity.

Here's a good example of macro beauty by Rocy Roque:


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Based in Miami, this Latina content creator never ceases to amaze us with her wonderful makeup looks. Her play with shades and textures is unmatched and she continuously showcases her makeup routine in creative ways. Discover how she manages to stand out online and remind herself to keep a healthy relationship with her many creative outlets.



When did your love for beauty begin? Were you always interested in makeup? Tell us how you discovered this talent of yours!


My love for beauty began at a very young age⁠. I always enjoyed playing with makeup. I remember painting and cutting my doll's hair⁠—but it was only when I reached high school that it became a passion. After that, I would always do my friends' makeup, which helped me practice once I started my career in the beauty industry. I also worked at a beauty counter for years, and it really helped me grow as an artist.



You are a makeup artist on a platform with tons of competition. However, the looks you create always stand out. What are the keys to your success online?


I believe that the key to success online is to be yourself. I’ve always created looks that inspire me. I will, at times, create looks that are trending, but I mainly create what looks flattering on me or what my followers would like to see from me.


Some snapshots from Rocy's IG page.


You’re a mom of three and you conquer the online world everyday with your wonderful looks. We noticed that you take “social breaks” once in a while, which is smart. Can you tell us more about that? What signs do you look out for to know it’s time for a social break?


You have to take breaks from time to time. Sometimes I take them when life gets in the way. But most of the time, I take a break when I'm feeling drained, unmotivated, or overwhelmed. Those are the signs I look for to know when it's time to log off.



Your macro makeup looks helped you create a following on TikTok. What attracts you to macro beauty? 


I really enjoy creating macro makeup looks—I find them so satisfying to watch. Especially the glittery ones. To me, it's fascinating to capture a close-up of the different textures in the look I'm creating.



On YouTube, you used to create videos in Spanish as well as in English. Will you get back to presenting your work in long-form videos in the future? 


Since the beginning of the pandemic, I  haven’t been able to film for YouTube. However, I hope to eventually go back to presenting videos again on the platform⁠—I genuinely enjoy creating looks and sharing products that I love with my viewers!




We can't wait to see more makeup magic (in any format) by Rocy Roque! In the meantime, show her some love by tapping the follow button on Instagram.

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